Fracture (2019)

This was a project I worked on for the olcCodeJam back in 2019. At the time I wanted to test how far along I had come with my engine, Shatter.

It's pretty barebones but it has a little storybook scene at the start with voice lines and subtitles that can be skipped through if the player wants to. The goal in the game is to close the fissures that have developed in the world and then exit through a portal near your starting location.

The narrative itself revolved around you being a part of a team whose job it was to close fractures in time. These fissures are slowly tearing the world apart and causing large amounts of damage.

Of course because it was a jam entry there wasn't much time to really weave the narrative into the gameplay aside from the storybook element at the start. I'm still pretty happy with the result though, especially considering it uses a version of Shatter that had no support for physics to speak of so it instead relies on 2D tile based collisions for the walls in the world.

You can find a build of it here on

Built using the Shatter Engine.