Steam Revenue Calculator (2023)

User script that uses the Boxleiter method to calculate the gross revenue of games on Steam.

The method can be used to roughly calculate the revenue of games that have been released on Steam based on the user reviews.

By multiplying the total amount of reviews by the price of the game in question, and then multiplying that with a magic number we can make an estimate of a product's financial success.

The Steam Revenue Calculator script performs the calculation with multiple magic numbers, and also one that assumes the product was initially sold for about 60 EUR/USD.

The displayed currency is set to euros, however this is only cosmetic. No actual currency conversion is made.

Keep in mind that the resulting numbers can be especially inaccurate during sales.

The script provides multiple estimates.

  • Revenue: The ballpark estimated net revenue based on the estimate that seems to work best for most games.
  • Revenue (€60.00): The same as above but with a starting price of 60, combined using the golden ratio.
  • Gross Revenue: Best Guess (blue), Pessimistic Estimate (red), Optimistic Estimate (green)

You can get the Steam Revenue Calculator on GreasyFork

The script was inspired by this article.