Shatter Engine

My own 3D game engine written from scratch in C++ using OpenGL as its drawing API.

It started out as a small framework but has grown into a more mature engine over time. I use it for my personal projects and it's not really meant for public use or distribution in any way.

Current Features

Here's a short list of things that are currently possible in the engine.

  • Asset management for models, shaders, textures and audio
  • Binary serialization
  • Render passes
  • Loading levels from script files
  • Appending levels as prefabs inside of other levels
  • Entity messaging
  • Blender addon that lets you export to game projects directly
  • Timeline/sequencer for the creation of cutscenes and scripted events
  • Basic profiling tools with debug UI
  • Built-in audio player
  • FFT and amplitude data for audio busses
  • probably more things, there's also a lot of functionality missing still

Projects running on the Shatter Engine


  • GitHub - public engine repository (for educational use)