What is ClearWater?

You're looking at it right now. ClearWater is the small framework that is used to run this website.

It's a simple PHP based web solution that doesn't do all that much for you at all. No database, no worries.

All page content is stored in individual files that contain Markdown syntax. General page information and configuration parameters are stored in a JSON file alongside it. The files are then parsed and processed to then be sent over to your screen.

Aside from these things the website make use of a large portion of the caching possibilities that the server I'm hosting this on provides. So it loads very quickly on mobile phones. The web font that is used for the site is loaded asynchronously as well.

Where can I get it?

ClearWater is currently not available for public use.

Aaaaw, pretty please?

It's not that pretty, alright?